My Erasmus+ Experience in Latvia

My name is Amina Hadžiomerović and I am a student of Psychology at the International University of Sarajevo (IUS). In this brief story, I would like to evoke my feelings and present my Erasmus experience hoping to inspire others to follow my step.

My outbound destination of my ERASMUS+ journey was Riga, the capital city of Latvia. Although initially, I was laid back about what I was about to face in this new environment 2000 km away from my home, the first week in Riga was a reality check. I was alone or constantly online with my friends at home. At the same time, I was wondering whether all those claims that ERASMUS+ opens the door to new friendships was just a cliché. I made a mistake of expecting everything to fall from the sky right into my arms. I was overwhelmed by the social anxiety and I had to force myself to start breaking the cultural and language barriers. But after two weeks, things began to change once I began socialising.

Being a student of Psychology who is inclined to analyze the pros and cons of everything, I saw ERASMUS+ as a good opportunity to really find out about myself, free of any biases so that I could resolve some of the burning issues in my endless search for identity. Considering the fact that I did not have lectures but only seminars and exams I felt free as a bird. What’s more, having received a very generous scholarship, for the first time I had a luxury of frequent travelling and sightseeing. For the next three months, I visited mesmerizing places, museums, galleries, saw the artworks of Salvador Dali, Leonardo and Michelangelo's muses, Russian profusion, Dutch liberalism. I travelled along the Baltic, paid the visit to Russia and the Polish medieval beauties and tried real Belgian waffles. I also experienced spring in Latvian way – hiking on mountains and sunbathing in famous parks in Riga.

ERASMUS+ gave me the chance to discover my passions and find my purpose. I am now aware of my abilities and I know that I can realize my potentials anywhere I go. ERASMUS+ was a very big step for me, crucial for my self-development and spiritual growth which made me understand that staying in one place makes no sense for me anymore.