Munira Coskun held a lecture to students of IUS

Yesterday on November 27, 2012 Mrs. Munira Coskun held a lecture to students of the International University of Sarajevo (IUS) and responded to many of their questions. Mrs. Munira Coskun is a journalist, one of few war correspondents from Turkey who reported during the aggression that happened to Bosnia and Herzegovina. In the attempt to convey the news in Turkey on the horrors of war, Serbian forces captured this courageous journalist in 1995, while working on assignment for the Turkish newspaper Hurriyet.

Mrs. Coskun told the students to learn about their own history and culture but also to learn about the history and culture of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and become educated people that will be useful to society.

"You cannot say that you have been in Bosnia and that you know this country if you only sit in the cafes and drink coffees all day. Read and learn what it is and how it was. Visit the older parts of the town, talk with senior citizens who will tell you a true story about this country, "she said.

Mrs. Coskun stressed the good bilateral relations between B&H and Turkey and said that they are brotherly countries.