Mr. Zlatko Hurtić holds lecture at IUS

Sarajevo, December 28th2009

On December 28, 2009, Economic Department at the International University of Sarajevo organized a special lecture titled “Development Assistance and Aid Effectiveness Based on Case Study for Afghanistan” given by Mr. Zlatko Hurtic, economic adviser of ex-Prime Minister of Bosnia and Herzegovina and consultant for the Government of Macedonia, Montenegro, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Afghanistan. Mr. Hurtic has experience working as expert for the World Bank and many other international organizations.

Mr. Hurtic explained what Official Development Assistance (ODA) is and what kind of problems donors, as well as recipient countries face. He introduced a post-war situation in Afghanistan and concentrated on explaining problems which are common for many post-war countries. He explained how ODA could help post-war development, and what results were archived in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The lecture was attended by a great number of students interested in this topic.