Mr. Ibrahim Hadžibajrić, Mayor of the Stari Grad Municipality, gave a lecture at IUS

On Wednesday, April 5, 2017, International University of Sarajevo marked the Day of the City of Sarajevo.

Atendees had the opportunity to watch a short movie on the past of Sarajevo, and on modern Sarajevo, as well. The main part of the event was a lecture by Mr. Ibrahim Hadžibajrić, mayor of the Stari Grad Municipality, the oldest municipality in Sarajevo.

„Sarajevo went through many struggles and saw many tragic events during its past and it endured until today only because of the God’s help and people’s bravery. International Community betrayed and ‘sold’ Sarajevo. Sarajevo should have been conquered in seven days. It is not any secret now”, said mayor Hadžibajrić.

Moreover, he mentioned that Serbian Democratic Party won the elections in two municipalities back then, and this party stopped their work.

“Thanks mostly to the Stari Grad Municipality that was the only one which was operated back then, and the people of Dobrinja, Sarajevo were defended”, emphasized Mr. Hadžibajrić.

In his message to the students, he mentioned that the education is the best way to influence the future events. “Only education can change our awareness and help us to create a better future for Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina.”