Mr. Hasan Topaloğlu's Speech on Graduation Ceremony 2018

Your Excellency Ambassador, Respected Mayor, Esteemed President of Board of Trustees, Respected Rector, dear guests, academicians, and dear students… I welcome you all with deep respect. May God’s peace be on all of us.

I am so thankful to God who brought us together on this tenth graduation ceremony of International University of Sarajevo. Congratulations to our dear graduates who made us happy with their graduation. This graduation ceremony not only gives us, the SEDEF Foundation founders, happiness, it also motivates us for new projects and new ventures. We have realized our goals in all cycles of education take it from our kindergarten on our campus, our primary school in Vraca, our Maarif College, to our PhD cycle we offer at our University. In the upcoming period, we will hopefully announce our new project whose infrastructure we have already prepared.

As the Foundation, we give the chance to successful students in need from 55 different countries by giving away the 55% per cent of our revenues to discounts and scholarships. InshaAllah, we will be striving to increase the amount of scholarships that we give.

As SEDEF founders, we are happy to support the development of the relations between Bosnia-Herzegovina and Turkey, the blending of young generations from the two countries, and also the development of this beautiful country by investing in our close friend Bosnia-Herzegovina.

In Turkey we have a saying for our close friend Azerbaijan which goes like ‘Two Countries, One Nation’. I would like to change this saying for Bosnia-Herzegovina as ‘Two Countries, One Heart’. Today, our class of 2018 who come from 12 different countries will go back home, contribute to the development of their countries, and thanks to the friendships they have made here, they will promote peace and brotherhood internationally.

Dear Students,

This is actually our second graduation ceremony we are observing this year. On the ceremony we held in May, we gave an honorary PhD degree to the President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Now you are graduating in the same generation as the President.

Dear Class of 2018,

IUS will always remember you and be proud of your future success because with the education you received here, you will be the pioneers of progress and development in your own countries when you go back home. The IUS reference forming the basis of your future achievements will be our cause of honor. I believe that you will show the same effort and success in the next stages of your lives.

Last but not least, I would like to once again express my pleasure to be with you on this happy day for IUS, the greatest education project in the Balkans on the way to Europe supported by Turkey. Congratulations once again!

I wish you all the best in your future life!