More than 1800 Final-Year High-School Students Sat for Scholarships Test at IUS

On Friday, March 31, 2017, International University of Sarajevo (IUS) opened its door for thousands of students from all parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region. Students had an opportunity to sit for mathematics and general knowledge tests, and win scholarships to study at the IUS based on the results they achieve. High-school students recognized the ‘Testing for Scholarships’ as a great opportunity, which resulted with 1,800 of prospective students who sat for the exam this year.

The aim of the Testing is to get an objective assessment of the candidates and ensure fair distribution of scholarships among prospective students. The students have several opportunities to win their scholarship, which are offered periodically. A week before, 266 students sat for the test, on March 31 the number was around 1,800 students, whilst students who were not able to attend on these days will be given another chance to sit for the test in May.

Rector of IUS Prof. Dr. Tahsin Erkan Türe said: “The mission of the International University of Sarajevo is to give high scholarships to Bosnian-Herzegovinian students and to that end Testing for Scholarships is traditionally organized every year. These students receive very generous scholarships from our Foundation for Education Development Sarajevo (SEDEF). For example, in the Testing we offer 100% scholarships, which means that these students are not paying any tuition at all. Apart from this, we are awarding a great number of 95%, 90%, 85%, 80%, and 75% scholarships, in order to make it easy for Bosnian-Herzegovinian students to study at our University. As a result, 42% of IUS students are BiH nationals.”

President of the Foundation for Education Development Sarajevo (SEDEF), ,the founder of IUS, Mr. Hasan Toplaoğlu said: “Apart from the Testing for Scholarships, today we have also organized ‘Open Day’. All present students, their parents and teachers had an opportunity to get information about our 5 faculties and study programs offered at the University. Also, student clubs made their presentations, through which students, with their creative efforts and hard work, contribute to the development of the IUS as an institution of education which encourages, supports and helps the realization of student ideas.”

Preparations at IUS have started for the next academic year, as ten new professors have already started working there in this semester. It is expected that twelve new professors will be coming to BiH from abroad for the next academic year. IUS accepts applications from academicians from all over the world, which makes us truly international university. Nationals from Bosnia and Herzegovina are also highly encouraged to apply. The primary goal of the University is to have outstanding teaching staff in all study programs, and thus offer quality educational programs. Beside this, IUS offers 21 study programs on 5 faculties. Students had the opportunity to gain scholarship to study on Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Faculty of Business and Administration, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering, Faculty of Law, and on Faculty of Education.

Results of the Testing will be published five days from the day of testing.