More than 100 young Turkish scouts visited IUS

From 22nd to 23rd of June 2014, the International University of Sarajevo was visited by the scouts from Turkey, as part of their scheduled visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Hasan Dinçer Subaşı, president of the Turkish Scout Federation stayed at IUS with more than 100 scouts, where they had the opportunity to get familiar with all what the University offers.

The aim of the Visit to the Balkans was to develop awareness of young people about the Balkan geographical area and knowledge of their social and cultural elements and mutual connections. Also, visit will encourage young people to discover each other’s historical heritage, which is related to Turkish and Bosnian people.

In addition to this visit our university, scouts visited the grand opening of the 504th Ajvatovica Day. It is worth to mention that Ajvatovica Day represents the most significant religious and cultural event in the region of Bosnia and Herzegovina and beyond.