Mercy to the Worlds manifestation

European Muslim Students Association (EMSA) organized a traditional event ''Mercy to the Worlds'' on Tuesday, December 22, 2015 in the IUS main amphitheatre. This event served as a remembrance of the birth of the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.s. For all guests and visitors the members of the Club prepared interesting cultural program with ilahije and recitations from Kur’an that are performed in four languages. At the beginning of the program, hfz. Abdusamed Podojak recited a part from the holy book of Kur’an. As final address, distinguished speaker, hfz. Dr. Kenan Musić talked about basic human values that the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.s taught are of same value today. At the very end, all participants were given lokum with hadiths as gift, in order to remind the blessed teachings of the beloved Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.s.