Mental Health and Student Life Exhibition held at IUS

On  January 9, 2017, Mental Health and Student Life Exhibitionwas organized by BA Psychology Programme students. The exhibition was held from 2 to 5 pm at IUS A Building Ground Floor.

BA Psychology Program, Mental Health course students organized the exhibition as part of their assignment project. As part of the project students prepared various posters students mental health. Around 40 posters displayed various mental health problems of students and provided information about their causes, treatment and prevention. The sections focused on depression, academic stress, personality development, addictions and anxiety among students. The aim of the exhibition was to inform students about various mental health problems they face, how to prevent and where to seek help for their problems.  Students interacted with participants and explained various issues related to mental health of students and how to prevent mental health problems and promote good mental health for academic success and well-being.

Professors, Staff and IUS Students visited the exhibition and discussed their ideas and appreciated the students for their good work.