Memorandum of Cooperation Signed between IUS and EYOF 2019

On Oct. 17, 2017, memorandum of cooperation was signed between International University of Sarajevo (IUS) and European Youth Olympics Festival “EYOF 2019”, which will enable IUS students to take part in the organization of this significant event.

IUS students will get the opportunity to gain volunteer experience and give their personal contribution to the festival, which is at the same time the largest sports event in BiH after Olympic Games of 1984.

The signing ceremony of the memorandum of cooperation was attended by Rector of IUS, Dr. T. Erkan Türe, who highlighted the great importance of this project, which he also considers socially responsible.

“The Festival is especially important because it is an Olympic event that gathers 1,600 young athletes who take part in the winter editions. It is known that many athletes begin with EYOF and then go on to compete in the European Games and Olympic Games. The EYOF goes beyond sporting competition; it helps the healthy development of young people in Europe”, said Rector Türe.

He also added that it is the privilege to host EYOF in Sarajevo and East Sarajevo.

Miroslav Lučić , President of the East Sarajevo City Council, expressed his satisfaction with the memorandum signing. 

“Today’s event is a demonstration of a continuity regarding our decision to include IUS in the organization of this event as well. We had signed protocols before with two public universities”, said Lučić.

He also added that the EYOF will assist the development of sports, tourism and recreation facilities, that these facilities will become the reason why athletes and tourists will visit these two cities and surrounding mountains in future, and thus EYOF will contribute to economic development of BiH.

Deputy Mayor of Sarajevo Milan Trivić said that events such as this one are “the noble mission of sports”.

“Sports that gather people, and more than anything the cooperation that they facilitate, that is for me more important than the sports themselves. EYOF is bound to kick off the new era of cooperation in this region, primarily, between the two cities in BiH”, said Trivić.

EYOF Director Senahid Godinjak thanked the IUS for recognizing the significance of this project from its start.

“EYOF project is in its essence the project of young people, and that is why we intend to make young people those who will implement their ideas through this project. That is really an opportunity also to involve not just IUS students, but also assistants and professors”, said Godinjak.

Sarajevo and East Sarajevo will be hosts of European Youth Olympics Festival in 2019, and the participation of young people from 49 member countries is expected.