Meeting between SPIUS representatives and Prof. Dr. Damir Marjanovic, Minister of Education, Science and Youth in the Sarajevo Canton

The representatives of Student Parliament of IUS (SPIUS) visited the newly elected Minister of Education, Science and Youth, Dr. Damir Marjanović. The meeting was held in his office, on Wednesday, December 19th, 2012.

The minister introduced them to ideas and projects he plans on working during his mandate. The SPIUS representatives shared also some ideas about future projects and cooperation with the Ministry.

Dr. Marjanović told them that many reforms and reorganizations need to be done within the educational system mainly in the Sarajevo Canton and he is willing to start those reforms, for the benefit of the students and academic community.

However, the Minister highlighted the importance of students being active and willing to change something in our society as well as mentioning the status of student clubs at Universities.

Furthermore he encouraged IUS Parliament to start working together with other Student Parliaments in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in order to establish stronger unions which can bring changes and be beneficial to us all.

Moreover, he stressed that students can defend their rights through SPIUS. He mentioned that he is willing to give a lecture at IUS in order to provide more information regarding opportunities and status of students in B&H.

In the end he mentioned that the city of Sarajevo is proud to have a perspective university such as International University of Sarajevo, which gives students a great chance for studying in an international environment, encourages the meeting of different cultures and the most important the quality in education. The Minister expressed his willingness to help SPIUS regarding procedures or projects, that students are willing to start.