MEDS - Meeting of Design Student

International University of Sarajevo is honored to announce that during the August of 2011 students of this University, Senad Alibegović, Irfan Hadžiomerović and Elvedin Kajmaković, participated in summer workshop about architecture and design helded in Istanbul in organization of MEDS –Meeting of design student. Even grater satisfaction is that NC representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina for this association is our student, Senad Alibegović.

MEDS – Meeting of Design Student – was founded in 2010 by students from different countries and a wide range of departments of design. It was created with the aim to join all design departments together. Architecture, interior architecture, industrial design, graphic design and all other departments of design.

It is a fact that design is all around us and everything man-made was designed. MEDS focuses its manifesto on design. Design makes ideas tangible, it takes abstract thoughts and inspiration and makes something concrete. The objective of MEDS is to share knowledge about design; to explore and discuss the design process, from small objects to large projects, to share experience and to improve creativity, abilities and communication between design students. Different people, different cultures, different languages and different design departments will be joined in one place, to generate fresh, new ideas.

MEDS is organized each year in different country with the aim to spread the organization's idea sand influence all over Europe. Each year, the organization team consists of students who want to represent their country as a MEDS host. The bidding countries send proposals to the founders of the organization to be approved. They can then commence planning the event. The host team decides the subject, place of the workshops, program, conference, etc. Each student can also apply as a tutor. The tutors have to make projects based on a selected theme and send it by the specified date. The MEDS team will then choose the best ideas and announce them as winning projects. The tutor's obligation is to make a presentation of their project and present it at a conference at the beginning of the summer event. Participants will be separated into groups of 15 students per project. The tutor is the leader of the group but he or she has to be open to other ideas and improvement within the project. The main aims of the workshop are; group work and improving, redesigning and developing the project. At the end of the event each group has to make a short presentation about their project from the principal idea to the final result. This will be done in public, with an open debate after it. When the event is finished the next years location will be announced.

This year MEDS was in Istanbul. For 12 intense days, 150 students from an array of design backgrounds worked, talked and camped together for an event that concentrates on the sharing of design ideas across disciplines, traditions and cultures from all over Europe and beyond. The main focus of the meeting was the participation in workshops, of which there were 8 in total. This year the theme of the workshops was the juxtaposition of the continents of Europe and Asia within Istanbul city center. The contrast of culture, history, geography, to name a few factors, was analyzed by tutors who formed their workshops around these respective variables. Each participant was then able to choose their workshop on the first day of the MEDS event.

Once more, congratulations for our students and we hope that next summer, on third gathering of MEDS in Ljubljana, Slovenia, they will be our great ambassadors and representative as they did that in this year.

All questions that you have and all information that you are interested in, concerning MEDS and this project, you can send on e-mail: or or to find official page for Bosnia and Herzegovina on Facebook “Meeting of design students Bosna i Hercegovina”.