Mayor of Ilidža Municipality gave a lecture at IUS

On Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014, Ilidža Municipality Mayor, Prof. Dr. Senaid Memić gave a lecture on “Entrepreneurship as the core creator of positive momentum in a society, with case study of Ilidža”, in the amphitheater of the International University of Sarajevo. Lecture was organized by IUS Leadership and entrepreneurship center (LEC).

Mayor Memić spoke about the development of the Ilidža Municipality starting from the period of socialism until today. He emphasized that today we have 800 companies in this municipality. ”Taking into account the geographical position of Ilidža and its water resources, potential investors have a lot of interests in investing here. Our plan is to build an elite “New Ilidža” settlement in the upcoming years, which will have a really big infrastructure capacity" said Mayor Memić.

Talking about the preconditions for investment in BiH economy, he said that, regardless of the current difficult social and economic circumstances Bosnia and Herzegovina will have a bright future. "Education is the basic prerequisite for the development of the BiH economy", said Memić, while emphasizing that institutions such as IUS are positive example of how a quality idea can become a socially useful investment.