"May your hands become gold!"

MBA student from Morocco, El Mustapha Ait Sidi Mhamed is a student who presented President of Turkey Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan at IUS with a beautiful calligraphy picture. He wrote about his impressions.

“In my opinion, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is the best leader of the 21st century. The turbulent world needs leaders like him to transcend current crises and arise hope, prosperity, and peace worldwide. As a researcher in leadership studies, I see that the Turkish president has both the traits and skills of charismatic, transformational and servant leaders which made him a very successful leader in a way that he transformed the whole Turkish Republic economically, socially, and politically from the bottom line to the highest ranks. Moreover, not only his people admire him but also millions over the world –including me- as he instilled justice, stood up with oppressed nations and confronted against enemies of humanity, and helped many other nations who have been under attack, assault, and violation such as Gaza, Myanmar, Somalia and the like territories”.
El Mustapha talked about his motivation to draw the picture for the president. 

“Although I’m a business student, I am also an artist calligrapher and like to spend my spare time creating a new and creative design with Arabic letters. I had many artworks being presented to different elites including ministers, ambassadors. However, giving my recent artwork to Erdogan is a unique and unimaginable moment in my life. What I actually wrote in this artwork is a famous sentence of Erdogan’s speech when he stated “The world is bigger than five” reflecting on the five countries with Veto power. That sentence shook me up and I decided to draw it in the shape of Turkish flag (crescent & star)”.

Describing the moment when he was next to president he said: “I just became speechless and felt as the luckiest student to meet this great leader and present my humble artwork. I also felt kind of seeing the best version of myself while standing next to such leader. He thanked me and told me in Turkish “ellerinize sağlık” ( May your hands become gold). I told him thank you and said in Arabic “May the Almighty God protect you”.