Malaysian TV station films movie sequences at IUS

For the reasons of producing a special TV drama titled “Sarajevo in my Heart”, Malaysian state-owned public broadcaster Radio Television Malaysia Berhad (RTM) visited Bosnia and Herzegovina. The RTM crew used their two-week stay in our country to shoot the sequences of the drama that follows the story of a young women from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Due to its modern and beautiful appearance, the Campus of the International University of Sarajevo in Ilidža was used as one of the filming locations in Sarajevo. On May 7, 2010 the RTM crew and the actors spend whole day at the Campus premises shooting the scenes in the IUS classrooms, hallways and cantine.

The drama “Sarajevo in my Heart” is expected to be aired during the month of Ramadan this year and will be available to millions of viewers at Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and Indonesia. International University of Sarajevo is proud to be able to offer its premises and be a part of this international movie project.