Long Island University Students Study Trip

From March 26 to April 2, students from the Long Island University Global Collage attended a study trip organized by Mr. Nerkez Opacin on behalf of IUS. The seven-day-long study trip included lectures, field visits and workshops related to the current socio-political situation in BiH including transitional justice, reconciliation and dealing with the past in a post-conflict society as well as the cultural and historical complexities of this country. The students were able to explore the process BiH is going through after the devastating war in the 90s.

One student in the student evaluation said: "This trip went past my expectations. I have greatly enjoyed all the speakers, living in Sarajevo and the Srebrenica-Potocari trip. This study trip broadened my perspective of experiencing war. I am able to see the bullet holes and grenade spots... I have never seen such damage before. It really opened my eyes to what war can do to a country/city."

The Long Island University plans to have more of those and similar study visits to our university. We are looking forward to a great cooperation.