Lecture Titled “How To Show My Best At An Interview” Followed By “Agile In Action” Workshop Held At IUS

On Friday, March 30, 2018, a lecture by company Musala Soft was held, titled “How to show my best at an interview “, followed by a workshop “Agile in Action” for CS and SE students.

Musala Soft is a software services company with a strong record of success in building innovative enterprise software solutions for multinational companies and government institutions all over the globe. Musala Soft provides expertise in all phases of the software lifecycle: consulting, analysis, design, development, testing, implementation, integration and maintenance.

The lecture was about the key skills needed to perform great at a job interview in the IT sector, with insights from the recruitment process. The lecture was followed by workshops “Agile in Action”, in the form of interactive games, which focused on teamwork and agile processes. They included a practical part where the students were challenged to follow a process to make a product, which demonstrated the benefits of Agile methodology for making better products.

This event was organized by CS and SE study programs, and the IUS Career Center.