Lecture by Emeritus Professor Mehmed Can „My life in science”

On Friday 21st March 2014 Emeritus Professor Mehmed Can, from the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Science at IUS, held a lecture called “My life in science” at International University of Sarajevo (IUS). Prof. Dr. Mehmed Can used this lecture as an opportunity to motivate students and encourage them in their further progress and development.

Prof. Dr. Can is born in 1943 in Tire, close to Izmir in Turkey. He graduated Mathematics-Astronomy at Ege University in Istanbul. He finished his Postgraduate and doctoral studies at the Bogazici University in Istanbul. For 10 years, he worked as professor at Istanbul Technical University and during his long academic career; he also worked in different universities from North Cyprus to the United States of America. He published 5 professional books and lectured 34 different courses during his career.

In addition to his regular classes, as a mentor, he was also involved in a large number of undergraduate, graduate and doctoral theses. During his speech, professor Can talked about his life experiences, family and career, encouraging present IUS students and stressing that the time that is given to us is the largest resource that we have. ‘You have to believe in destiny and do the best you know and also you have to believe in yourself - said the professor Can.

IUS Tracking Club “Pohiti polako” is established at the University as new club that brings together professors, students and administrative staff together, and the president of the this club is professor Emeritus Dr. Mehmet Can. During the lectures, professor Can stated that his hobby is hiking –his lifestyle.