A Lecture Delivered by H.E. Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt

Sarajevo 06. NOVEMBAR 2008

At the International University of Sarajevo H.E. Ahmed Khattab, Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt has delivered an academic lecture on "Modern Egyptian Diplomacy" to professors, students and distinguished guests from the Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo; Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina; Center for New Initiatives; Islamic Relief and the Media.

Lecture was held on the November 6, 2008 at the IUS Conference Hall. The introductory speech was given by Dr. Muhidin Mulalić, Coordinator of Social and Political Sciences program at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS). The Rector of IUS, Prof. Dr. Erturul Tacqin provided audience with very insightful and informative speech about the vision, mission and accomplishments of the International University of Sarajevo.

The Dean of Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Dr. Ali Gunes presented "Academic Lecture Series" program, its aims and objectives. Dr. Gunes explained that such academic lectures are designed for researchers, academicians, dignitaries and professionals who are willing and enthusiastic to share their knowledge and experience with wider professional community.

The Very informative speech delivered by H.E. Ahmed Khattab on Modern Egyptian Diplomacy was well received by the audience. Ambassador began his speech with several introductory remarks on diplomatic history of Egypt and he competently related such very significant insights to other important geopolitical issues facing the region as a whole. Then, Ambassador emphasized the role his country has played as a catalyst between Palestinian people and the state of Israel.

A novelty of his idea of conflict resolution based on peace negotiations, cooperation and mutual agreement was skillfully related to the conflict resolution in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Ambassador made a special attention to the relationship between Egypt and Bosnia-Herzegovina as both countries share similar history, culture, religion and challenges. In particular, Ambassador suggested greater cooperation between the International University of Sarajevo and Egypt.