Lecture: Business and IT models & systems in Bosnalijek

On Monday, May 19th, 2014, specialist from Bosnalijek, mr.sc. Edin Hodžić gave a lecture on “Business and IT models & systems with a case study of Bosnalijek”, in the amphitheatre of the International University of Sarajevo, B building. Lecture was organized by IUS Leadership and entrepreneurship center (LEC).

Edin Hodžić spoke about the development of systems in Bosnalijek, innovative IT modes, starting from the period of his work until today. He emphasized that today Bosnalijek have a very complex business models, that are linked with a scopes od European Union and strategies that are proposed to be completed till the 2017 year. ”Taking into account that Bosnalijek exist from the 1951 and have a great position in local and international market, the heart of company infrastructure consist tree main sections: administrative segment, application segment and IT infrastructure. Quality equipment enables knowledge building within employees, which is one of the main cores in Bosnalijek” said Hodžić.

Talking about the conditions for the sales of medicaments in BiH and in international level, he said that, regardless of the current difficult economic circumstances, Bosnalijek have a bright future, said Hodžić, while emphasizing that institutions such as IUS are positive example of how a quality ideas and knowledge of young people can become a sustainable component of BiH.