Lecture on Bosnian Pyramids by Dr. Semir Osmanagić

Ancient pyramid archeology expert Dr. Semir Osmanagic gave a lecture at IUS on Wednesday, December 29, 2010, on replying invitation by a HUM101 Science and Technology class project group led by Senad Alibegovic. Dr. Osmanagic started his lecture with an extensive account of pyramid architecture elsewhere in the world, including Egypt, the Americas, the Far East and oceanic islands. He later told the account of the predicted Bosnian excavations, displaying the uncovered man-made structures, project management and funding and the resistance of Bosnian academic establishment as well as international parties on the findings.

Skipping speculations and alternative history accounts Dr. Osmanagic concentrated on scientific findings, material science, carbon dating, construction technologies and electromagnetic measurements held by independent third-party researchers.

The lecture received enthusiastic interest from IUS staff as well as students and at the end Semir Osmanagic invited listeners to take part in the volunteer excavation work in summer.