Journal of Experimental Botany Published Research Paper of Dr Mohamed Ragab Abdel Gawwad

The International University of Sarajevo (IUS) professor Mohamed Ragab Abdel Gawad participated in the research study carried out at the Universite de Perpignan in Perpignan, France, whose results have been just published in the Journal of Experimental Botany.

The article titled: “Self-Protection of Cytosolic Malate Dehydrogenase against Oxidative Stress in Arabidopsis” was published on November 29, 2017.

The aim of Journal of Experimental Botany (JXB) is to publish papers that advance our understanding of plant biology. Original research published by this periodical provides new information on fundamental processes or mechanisms including those underpinning the improvement of plants for the sustainable production of food, fuel and renewable materials.

The authors of the aforementioned article found that cytosolic thioredoxins interact specifically with cytMDH in a yeast two-hybrid system. Importantly, they have also shown that cytosolic and chloroplastic, but not mitochondrial NAD-MDH activities are sensitive to H2O2 stress in Arabidopsis. They concluded the importance of the thioredoxin-reducing system to protect MDH from oxidation in vivo. They proposed the redox switch of the MDH activity contributes to adapt the cell metabolism to environmental constraints.

The abstract of the research is available on the following web page:

Dr Mohamed Ragab Abdel Gawwad obtained PhD from University of Perpignan, France in 2008 in Molecular Biology. He has been working as a Professor at the IUS since 2008. He is currently participating in many scientific projects, is a member of many scientific organizations around the world and Chief Editor of Journal of Plant Biology Research. His current research interests are Plant Molecular Biology, Storage Proteins, Protein Interactome, Protein 3-D Structure Prediction.