IUS Students Visited Tax Administration of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

On Wednesday, December 27, 2018, the Faculty of Law (FLW) staff of the International University of Sarajevo (IUS) accompanied FLW and FBA students to the Tax Administration of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. A group of around 20 students who took part in the visit are taking course LAW 307 (Tax Law) with Dean Dr. Ibrahim Dursun. The tour was designed to provide a practical perspective to some of the content the students have covered in this semester.

The students had the opportunity to hear a presentation given by Mr. Šerif Isović, Tax Administration Director, who introduced students with the authorizations and importance of this institution. Mrs. Jasmina Hurić-Bjelan, Assistant to Director, talked about the basics related to tax law, the institution’s organization and its operations.

The students were thus able to get information about all kinds of government revenues in BiH on state, entity and cantonal levels, to get information about the recent results of this institution’s activities, but also to ask questions about the topics in focus.