IUS Students Received Full Scholarships at Central European University

Dženeta Begić and Emina Bašić, fourth-year IUS students, recently received letters of acceptance from the International Relations Department of the prestigious Central European University. Dženeta and Emina have been among the best students since they enrolled at IUS. Their excelent academic success and extracurricular activities they did at or outside of IUS helped them enrich their CVs and get full scholarships at CEU.

Dženeta Begić and Emina Bašić, alike many other IUS graduates doing their M.A. and Ph.D. studies at some of the best universities accross the world, got an opportunity to continue their education at prestigious university abread.

„I have participated in the number of activities outside the university including debates, seminars and conferences on human rights issues and hot topics which improved my leadership, negotiating and public speaking skills. Last summer, I represented my country at Human Rights Academy in Copenhagen as a recipient of Humanity in Action Fellowship“, said Dženeta.

Moreover, she was an exchange student at the University of Dayton during her third year which she found very important.

„Based on my experience and academic achievements, I was chosen as a recipient of the Dayton Peace Accords Fellowship in 2015. The fellowship offered me the opportunity to study for one year at the University of Dayton and to represent youth of Bosnia and Herzegovina at the 20th Anniversary of the Peace Accords Conference“, she added.

Emina, who worked at many NGOs during her studies, emphasizes the importance of international environment at the IUS that was very helpful for her understanding of the politics. „Multicultural environment that IUS is offering was very helpful, especially for my field of studies.We could share personal experiences about political systems and communities of different states. Friendly atmosphere between the students and academic staff made us feel as a big family“, said Emina.

They both agree that IUS was a good base for gaining knowledge and experiences that will be helfpul for their M.A. studies at CEU.

„I was able to accumulate great amount of theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of international and public relations, which is definitely playing the most significant role for my future career. During my studies at the University of Dayton, I managed to have straight As. This was a proof for me that at IUS I was really getting advanced knowledge for the first two years, since I have managed to be at the top of my class as a foreign student in a foreign country“, Dženeta concluded.

Emina also spent one semester as an exchange student and she concluded that knowledge she gained at IUS is comparable to other foreign universities. „I spent one semester in Istanbul as an Erasmus+ exchange student and experienced unforgettable moments with students and professors from all over the world. This experience gave me the opportunity to compare the IUS with one of the best universities in Turkey. Without any doubt, I can say that IUS is providing excellent knowledge that will make you feel proud all over the world”, she concluded.