IUS students presented recommendations to the members of the European Parlament

On April 24-26, 2018, IUS students Iman Hasanbegović, Ammina Bašović, Rabija Kruško, Leyla Hasanbegović and Ismail Ćidić visited the EU institutions and presented their recommendations to some of the most respected members of the European Parliament including Eduard Kukan, Cristian Preda and Charles Tannock.

The recommendations were a result of a two-month research project that was done with the help from the members of the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina and IUS professors.

IUS students emphasized the importance of a strong EU presence in Bosnia and Herzegovina due to the rise of dangerous Russia's meddling. Moreover, students advised MEPs that it is very important that all remaining non-EU Western Balkans countries enter the EU together to avoid further issues like the one with Slovenia and Croatia.

The visit to the EU institutions and prior debates in Belgrade and Banska Bystrica was organized by MESA10 and Center for Euro-Atlantic Studies with whom IUS cooperates for several years.