IUS Students on Exchange in Europe and around the World

International University of Sarajevo (IUS) has in past years seen beaten its own record in the academic cooperation, number of exchange students, and number of academic staff going on exchange to Europe and the rest of the world. With help and coordination of IRO Office, the number of IUS students on exchange has tripled. In AY 2016/17, as much as 75 students were on exchange, whilst in the previous AY the number of students was 23.

Most students went abroad through Erasmus + program or based on Memorandums of Cooperation which IUS had previously signed with partner universities abroad. The selected students acquired scholarships for higher education programs, for one or two semesters, at reputable universities in Turkey, France, Germany, Portugal, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, and many other countries around the world.

Before the examination weeks, most students used their time abroad as an ideal opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities of all kinds: activities from their own field of interests, social or cultural activities.