IUS Students awarded best in Sarajevo Canton

The Government of the Sarajevo Canton provided valuable scholarships for the best students in the Canton. The Ministry of Education, Science and Youth of the Sarajevo Canton awarded the most successful students in 2011/2012, with 134 scholarships in the amount of 325,200 KM cash. The amount students received depended on the average score they achieved during the academic year.

International University of Sarajevo is proud of the fact that among the three most successful students, whose average score is 10, two students come from the International University of Sarajevo.

Award-winning students are: Mirza Selimović from the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences and Ilma Ibrišević, from the Faculty of Business and Administration, while third best student scholarship was given to Ali Bevrnja from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, of the University of Sarajevo.

On Wednesday, January 16, 2013, in the hall of the Center Municipality, where usually all regular meetings of the Assembly of the Canton Sarajevo are held, the reception of the awarding students was organized as well.

During the ceremony of assigning scholarships, Cantonal Minister for Education, Science and Youth Prof. Damir Marjanović, addressed the students and encouraging them to be the bearers of the better future and the changes that will benefit the entire society. He urged them to actively participate in creating a community in which they live, and not to think about leaving B&H, but to make the country more livable for all its citizens.

While addressing the students in the Assembly Hall, Mr. Marjanović said "You are the best convocation who ever sat in the benches of this Assembly".