Amar Jaganjac

IUS Student made a 3-D printer for his undergraduate thesis defense

International University of Sarajevo (IUS) as higher education institution is attended by many young and talented people among whom are recognized athletes, mathematicians, architects, designers, artists and innovators. It is our privilege to introduce young innovator and graduate of IUS, Amar Jaganjac, who is exceptional example that proves that with the investments and efforts, excellent results can be achieved.

As part of the graduate thesis at the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences (FENS), Amar Jaganjac decided to go ''one step ahead'' and create single-handedly a truly complex machine such as the 3D printer. It is a project on which he was working for less than three months. "The production of 3-D printers in the world and their use will certainly cause a new industrial revolution'' - said this young and promising innovator.

The three-dimensional printing (3-D printing) is a fast method for creation of prototype products and devices to be used as useful objects in our environment. The 3-D printing, and especially the color printing, gives the engineers and designers the possibility of developing a clear insight into the flow of the design process and highlighting the abilities of various parameters. It also gives them the possibility for easy and early detection of possible errors and their fast and efficient correction, but most of all the freedom in creation of various physical forms and objects from plastic to metal in an efficient manner and without losing the excisable material. Using the capabilities of 3D-printer significantly reduces the production and increases the levels of quality models and prototypes.  The fields of application of 3-D printers are: architecture, design, computer science, education, aeronautics, metallurgy, modeling, medicine, bio-modeling, geo-info systems, molecular chemistry, etc. In a few years, the prices of 3-D printers will become more affordable to a greater numbers of "producers".

The creation process of the 3-D printer and its implementation that can serve as an application for other young students and researchers at IUS was made under the supervision of the mentor, Prof. Dr. Migdat Hodžić. ”You can directly project 3-D objects from your computer. Connect your device to the 3-D printer and press 'print' button. It is an easy thing to do. From Vision on your computer, the 3-D printer converts the electronic version of the real object consisting of a large number of small parts which are assembled piece by piece over the melted plastic, powdered metal or other material appearing on the market of 3-D printers'' - said Prof. Dr. Migdat Hodžić. IUS is very proud of its students and will always provide the necessary support to them in the area of their academic and scientific development.