IUS is Strongest Educational Institution in BiH

On July 19, 2017, H.E. Haldun Koç, Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey, and attaché for educational affairs Mr. Vasi Ete, visited International University of Sarajevo (IUS). Representatives of Anadolu Agency were present to report about the meeting. At the end of the visit, H.E. Haldun KOÇ and Dr. Tahsin Erkan Türe gave interviews for Anadolu Agency.

Ambassador Koç stated in his interview that activities commemorating 15th July in Bosnia were successfully organized in cooperation with the Turkish institutions in Bosnia, and that IUS was among these institutions. Another aim of the visit was to thank IUS for its contributions in the activities. Ambassador said that the IUS is the strongest educational institution in Bosnia and Herzegovina, recognized by the higher education ministry of Turkey, and that our common aim is to raise awareness about it.

Rector Türe mentioned the scholarship opportunities at the IUS, and said that the new scholarship policy and 15 new academics are the turning point for the IUS. He said that IUS has made significant changes in the scholarship regulations; the new scholarship system will give students the opportunity to have 50%, 75% and 100% scholarships. Also, they will have the chance to meet and study together with people from more than 50 countries, and to get to know different cultures, beliefs, religions, gain new perspectives, and develop their entrepreneurial spirit.

All study programs except for law and engineering can be found in "LYS" list of the universities, and students can easily choose the IUS and come to Bosnia and Herzegovina to study. The IUS is currently expecting 300 students to come from Turkey, and registration is still ongoing. Rector Türe especially emphasized that the IUS students do not have any problem with the degree equivalency in Turkey.