IUS STEM CAMP in full swing!

The IUS STEM CAMP started on July 23, 2018. Participants are taking part in science courses ranging from Molecular Biology , 3D Printing and Data Science, and attending interdisciplinary lectures in algorithms, mathematical modeling and digital architecture. They also visited National Museum, had a sightseeing trip as well as took part in social and sports activities.
IUS STEM CAMP is designed to stir curiosity and provide an experiential learning in a supportive and intellectually stimulating environment for high-school students. Our participants come from five different countries. They are given the chance to take intellectual risks, dive more deeply into STEM, and discuss questions that go beyond the realms of their high-school curriculum. IUS STEM CAMP strives to instill a life-long interest for STEM into high-school students.
IUS STEM CAMP is grateful to all its sponsors: Quick Smile, Doric Lenses, Sofray Solutions, Micom, SPARK poslovni park d.o.o.,) whose support made it possible to organize this summer event.
Here are some highlights from the first two days of STEM CAMP 2018.