IUS Staff on Erasmus+ Exchange

As part of cooperation with Istanbul Şehir University from Istanbul (Turkey), International University of Sarajevo (IUS) received the Erasmus+ grant to fund 20 B.A. students, 5 members of academic and 5 members of administrative staff in academic years 2016/17 and 2017/18.  

Starting from spring semester, 4 administrative and academic staff od IUS had an opportunity for professional education on this reputable Turkish university. From March 6 - 10, 2017, following staff were on exchange: IUS English Language School Director Ms. Hilal Karić, Student Affairs Manager Ms. Sabiha Pepić-Inal, Senior Assistant in Psychology program Ms. Alma Jeftić, and Ms. Nađa Beglerović, IUS Project Manager.

The purpose of the visit of IUS to this university was to observe the relevant administration offices, the exchange of useful ideas, practices, and experiences, or the delivery of lectures of students of the host university.

Erasmus+ is exchange program which was established at the IUS two years ago as a very important means of internationalization of our University, facilitating for the improvements in administration and services to students, and improvements of the quality of education offered. It has proven itself of great use for both administrative and academic staff, which have had the chance for professional development of this kind for the first time since the founding of the University.

“The fact that you have an opportunity to meet other cultures and learn something new, and change your work environment was itself enough to get additional satisfaction from your work. I think that there are so many benefits to the exchange and that each employee should have the opportunity for professional development” said Sabiha Pepić-Inal, SAO Manager. Students Affairs Office has so far sent 4 staff members to Poland, Romania and Turkey.