IUS Staff on Erasmus + exchange

During the 2015 /2016 Academic year, International University of Sarajevo (IUS) signed 47 Erasmus + bilateral cooperation agreements under the coordination of the International Relations Office. The cooperation enabled the mobility of students, academic and administrative staff of IUS.

In the new academic 2016/17 year, 20 employees of IUS were selected for the exchange which will be realized at the partner universities. The number of participants is not complete due to the fact that many of grants are in the process of realization.

During September and October, 5 employees went on exchange. Assist. Prof. Dr.  Joseph Kaminski and Assist. Prof. Dr. Peter Plenta from International Relations program visited the University of Vilnius, Lithuania. Professor Plenta said that his experience at University of Vilnius brought the possibility of new contacts and exchange of experience with the high-quality academic staff. Fikreta Fetahović and Haris Jamaković as administrative staff attended Erasmus + training program, which welcomed participants from many European countries.

Erasmus+ exchange program is an important aspect of strengthening the internationalization of our University in order to improve the quality of teaching. The exchange was very useful for faculty and for the first time since the establishment of the IUS the staff had the opportunity to go to professional development.

At the end of September, Deputy Director of the English Language School (ELS), Zuhal Güvener stayed at the Polish University Zielona Góra.

"I am delighted with the hospitality of colleagues from the University of Zielona Góra. They helped me generously to make my stay in Poland so enjoyable, "said Zuhal. After staying on the exchange, Zuhal conveyed her impressions to students and professors of the program of English language and literature. Students are strongly recommended to participate in the exchange, which is an ideal opportunity to meet and exchange different cultures.