IUS Spring Festival

Many fun activities and concerts have commemorated this year's IUS Spring Festival, held on May 29th and 30th, 2013. IUS Spring Festival was organized for the fifth time by the students who devised and prepared the Festival themselves, as they did in the previous years as well.

This event was an opportunity for IUS, to once again show its international dimension, expressed through concrete possibility for students to meet young people at the Festival, to show, present and meet "others" and "different" in one place. This year's Festival was sponsored by the Ministry of Youth and Sports from the Republic of Turkey and many renowned artists from Bosnia and Turkey were participating in the Festival as well.

During the Festival, presentation stands were organized for students who wanted to raise funds for various purposes. Students were selling food, clothing and books to raise public awareness of the various goals and collected money for those in need.

On the first day of the Festival, Embassies of Kuwait, Indonesia, Brazil, Egypt and Saudi Arabia were present as well, and they presented the richness of their culture through various exhibitions and presentations.

The event was closed by the performance of the IUS rock band who gave a one-hour concert and a performance of an artist Orhan Çakmak who arrived from Istanbul, just for this occasion. Mr. Mirza Šoljanin embellished the Festival with performance of beautiful songs of BH singers as well.

For this occasion, on the second day of the Festival, a concert was held by Yusuf Güney who specially came to perform from London. Students, faculty and staff enjoyed a night of music and entertainment, rejoicing to similar events in the future.

The Festival was held outdoors.

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