IUS Software Engineering Students Successfully Apply their Knowledge

Organization “Save the Children” in a public call sought a university team that will implement their project – a website for a center for people with special needs.  Their aim was to make sure that the website is accessible according to the latest standards for accessibility.

IUS is very proud that the team of second year Software Engineering students won the call. Adin Ćebić, Ali Husić and Kemal Hrelja, coordinated by Assistant Professor Dr. Jasminka Hasić Telalović were the team that was selected for this challening task. As IUS is the unviersity that supports inclusive education and actively works on attracting special need students, we are very proud that we were able to help to increase inclusiveness in our community even further.

On April 4th at IUS, a validation workshop was held and it was attended by „Save the Children“ staff – Lamija Landžo and Šejla Dizdarević.  On April 7th a training workshop was held by IUS team for the users of the software that has been created.

A BH novelist and director of Center for Blind and Visually Impared Children, Damir Ovčina, wrote a short story on this topic: