IUS Signs Cooperation Agreement for Integration of Refugees and Migrants

International University of Sarajevo (IUS) and Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow (YTT), the NGO based in Paris, will in next three years implement joint projects according to the cooperation agreement that was signed the on Friday, November 30, 2018. For cooperation with IUS, the Balkan Studies Center (BSC) will be mainly in charge for implementation of the projects, and agreement was signed for the period of three years.

YTT is a research & educational non-profit organization with an aim to aid integration of refugees on a global level. Since its inception in 2016, YTT has collaborated with thousands of refugees/immigrants of more than 50 nationalities, ages 3 to 70, in over 30 camps and squats across Europe and North Africa.

YTT with the help of the BSC will conduct YTT drawing workshops in most major refugee and immigrant communities, camps and centers across Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), resulting in a current and more detailed database of the refugee and immigrant situation in BiH.

YTT, along with the BSC – including its staff and students – will organize national cultural events about the project (such as exhibitions, performances, conferences, etc). Apart from these, BSC and YTT will also work on YTT App which will be implemented in the public education system in BiH (primary and high schools), with the support by local, regional and state educational authorities.

For more information about this project in BiH you can send inquiries directly to Balkan Studies Center.

The first meeting of YTT president Mr. Bryan McCormack and BSC representatives Dr. Admir Mulaosmanović, Dr. Ahmed Kulanić, and Mr. Hamza Preljević, was organized on the same day after signing the agreement.

During the meetings it was concluded that with an environment of ever-increasing populism in European and World politics, Bosnia and Herzegovina, through the BSC and YTT, could become a leading voice in refugee/immigrant integration for the whole Balkan Region.