IUS at the Second International Camp called "Boračko jezero 2012"

In the period from August 6 to August 12, 2012, Second International Camp was organized, called " Boračko jezero 2012".

The camp was organized by the Biological Students Society (DSB), a nongovernmental organization that brings together biology students from across the country, but other countries in the region as well.

The content and activities in the camp are designed primarily for students of biology at the undergraduate and graduate programs, where they have the ability to:

• to extend their knowledge in a variety of biological disciplines, • to become familiar with the flora and fauna of a particular area, and• to collect samples of the living organisms which they need for a possible research.

Apart from students, participants of the camp were also professors and assistants from the faculties in B&H, professionals working at institutes and museums, prominent biologists who were doing scientific research, as well as experts from non-governmental organizations in BIH and the region that deal with different areas of interest within the broad Field of general biology.

This year, students and assistants from Genetics and Bioengineering Program of the International University of Sarajevo, have participated in the Camp at the Boračko Lake too. IUS team was led by Mr. Emina Šunje, an Assistant at the Faculty and also the president of the Biological Students Society.

In addition to participants from Bosnia and Herzegovina, students and teachers from other countries in the region took part in the camping as well. They came from Austria, Poland, France, Spain, Belgium and Switzerland. Since it is an international camp, communication between the members was mostly in English.

Second international camp called" Boračko jezero 2012" proved to be very successful this year, and it was proven by the issuance of the Report on Biodiversity, made after this important event.

This report is extremely important, because it contains the most recent data, mostly related to the distribution of species in BIH, in the investigated localities, in which a large part of species are being officially registered for the first time in BIH.

All camp participants had the opportunity of getting acquainted with the natural beauty of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and thanks to these kind of gatherings, the awareness for their protection has arisen.