IUS SAGE in BH Parliament

On Monday, October 23, 2017, in the Parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Commission for the Achievement of Gender Equality of the House of Representatives of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH, in cooperation with the Agency for Gender Equality of the Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees BiH, with the support of USAID BH, organized session entitled "The Role of Research in Policy Making on Gender Equality". On this occasion, the International University of Sarajevo with the Horizon2020 SAGE project took part in the aforementioned session.

The aim of the thematic session was to present the latest research relevant to the field of gender equality in BiH, stressing the importance of empirical research for policy development and drawing attention to the importance of establishing a continuous process of collecting empirical data in the field of gender equality, in the manner prescribed by regulations and strategic documents.

In the introductory speech, Mrs. Samra Filipović Hadžiabdić, the director of the Gender Equality Agency,with which the SAGE project achieved excellent cooperation, welcomed the audience.

In addition to the Director, speakers were from the USAID MEASURE project, the OSCE and the Ministry.

Coordinator of IUS SAGE project, dr. Jasminka Hasić Telalović, welcomed all the attendees and briefly introduced officials to the project and its significance to both the International University of Sarajevo and higher education in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the quality of gender equality.

At the very end, interested parties received promo material of the SAGE project, where they could be more familiar with the goals and activities, as well as possible cooperation.

Professor Yvonne Galligan, a visiting professor at Queens University in Belfast, also attended this session where she observed a clearer picture of gender policy in our country.

We recall, this week, the IUS SAGE project if delivering public gender lectures at IUS.