IUS as a Role Model in Online Education

At the beginning of the introduction of emergency measures caused by the COVID 19 pandemic, IUS was among the first to completely switch to online teaching at its five faculties (Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences (FENS), Faculty of Business and Administration (FBA), Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS), Faculty of Law (FLW), and the Faculty of Education (FEDU), at its 21 study program.

Analyzing the results of this approach we got the impression that online learning at IUS was conducted in a very successful, professional, and educational way.  Faced with the challenge of online learning and respecting all the measures proposed by the government authorities, IUS keeps following its professional standards and quality of education, introducing hybrid classes as additional benefit and strength.

Hybrid learning combines face-to-face and online teaching into one cohesive experience. Approximately half of the class sessions are on-campus, while the other half has students working online. Although that may sound like a cut-and-dry formula, a lot of planning is needed to ensure that hybrid works well, allowing its two formats to capitalize on each other’s strengths. Given the unique opportunities that hybrid classes can offer, planning must be approached carefully. Instructors need to be familiar with not just the strengths of online and face-to-face teaching in their own rights, but also with how they can feed into each other over a longer term. 

Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design students attending Digital TV Production course, lead by Assist. Prof. Muhammed Yasir Göz experienced how hybrid learning works. 
“Hybrid learning is an approach that builds on the successes of flipped, blended, remote, distance and online learning to intentionally create learner-centered experiences that are profoundly personalized, relevant and engaging” – said Mr. Göz.

Concerning the urgent measures and how rapidly things are changing during the pandemic, we are more than proud to our institution’s collective positive attitude and engagement towards enabling our students to receive the best education possible.