IUS represented at the Eaquals Annual International Conference 2019 in Madrid


IUS English Language School is accredited by EAQUALS and has become the first university foundation program in the Balkans with the international accreditation by Eaquals. The Eaquals Annual International Conference held this April in Madrid, provided the unique opportunity for language teachers from all over the world to come together, face-to-face, to discuss issues, ideas and innovations in the international education sector with colleagues. Mehtap Ozer Isovic represented ELS as an Eaquals member at its best during the conference as the winner of the Eaquals Scholarship Award 2019.

Mrs. Isovic held a presentation at the Conference. The presentation title was: Achieving Better Learner Outcomes through Understanding Different Learning Styles.

Events like this improve not only the professional development of IUS academicians, but image of IUS on the international level as well.