IUS Representatives at staff week in Zielona Gora

The staff week in Zielona Gora took place with the participation of several university representatives from Vietnam, Ukraine, Greece, Serbia, Belarus and Bosnia-Herzegovina. 
The International University of Sarajevo was represented by Vice-rector Prof. Dr. Metin Toprak, English Language and Literature program Coordinator Dr. Ervin Kovačević, and Ms Zühal Güvener for the International Relations Office. 
The various delegations had the chance to meet the Rector of the University of Zielona Gora, the Vice-dean responsible for International Agreements, the deans of the faculties, as well as the mayor of Krosno Ozdrzanskie to 
discuss avenues of further cooperation, including the possibility of offering joint degrees, and increasing cooperation along the existing lines such as Erasmus+ student and staff exchange.  
Throughout the visit, the delegations were attended by Erasmus+ students from their home institutions. Ms Gorica Stevanović, a PhD candidate from IUS currently studying under Prof. Dr. Marek Smoluk, and Ms Selin Öksüz from the ELIT Bachelor program took active part in preparing the staff week. During the visit, IUS representatives also monitored their stay with a view to discussing the future of the cooperation from the point of the students on exchange. Both students from IUS stated that their stay in Zielona Gora was an excellent opportunity to exhance their studies, and that they would recommend the Zielona Gora experience to their peers at IUS. 
During the staff week, IUS staff also explored potential connections with the other universities attending the staff week, and have forged paths for further cooperation, especially towards joint educational ventures such as jointly organized conferences and exchnages leading to joint degrees. 
Prof. Dr. Marek Smoluk, the organizer of the staff week, has stated time and again that the stronger cooperation between the universities represented will result in not only strengthening the new ties between the institutions in BiH, Serbia and Greece, but also lead to a better understanding of each other, leading to the creation of joint degrees, thus the educational potential of the programs established will benefit from the institutional and cultural richness of all the partners.  
Prof. Dr. Smoluk has been a frequent partner in various IUS educational activities, such as the ICECI Conference where he was also the keynote speaker in 2017, and contributing his expertise in the further development of the English Language and Literature programs through his ongoing electronic correspondence.