IUS representatives at the General Assembly of the Romualdo del Bianco foundation

Assist. Prof. Dr. Amra Hadžimuhamedović, faculty of FENS, Architecture program has been designated as a member of the International Board of the Experts of the Foundation Romualdo del Bianco. 

The Foundation’s aim is to encourage exchanges among young exponents of culture, arts and sciences as well promoting mutual knowledge, understanding, friendship as well as peace between countries and peoples of different nationalities, religion and ethnicity. The network established by the Foundation expands on 59 countries and counts over 300 Universities, among which 87 faculties of architecture, 84 faculties of arts and humanities, 70 faculties of engineering, 35 faculties of economics. 

This year the General Assembly of the experts of the Foundation Roumualdo del Bianco was dedicated to the topic Learning Communities for Intercultural Dialogue - Culture for Dialogue, Travel to Dialogue. On that occasion, Dr. Hadžimuhamedović presented her paper titled “Bosnian Heritage in Sacred Sites – Between Seclusion and Tourism”.  

Dr. Amra Hadžimuhamedović, Senior Assistant Leila Krivošić, and Senior Assistant Tijana Tufek Memišević, faculty of Architecture program, participated to the annual round table titled “Life beyond Tourism” organized by the Romualdo del Bianco Foundation in Florence form 12-13 March, 2016. 

They used the opportunity to present the IUS project proposal of an international student’s workshop Post war reconstruction to be organized in Florence in November 2016 to be proceeded by an international conference in 2017 in Sarajevo. The project proposal attracted interest of more than 150 participants of the Conference from 35 countries including representatives of the most important international organizations in culture and tourism (like UNESCO, UNWTO, ICCROM and ICOMOS). During the bilateral contacts, Universities from Japan, Northern Cyprus, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Italy (Florence, Rome and Napoli), Poland, United Kingdom, Canada, as well as the Foundation Romualdo del Bianco expressed their willingness to cooperate in the organization of the workshop and stressed how timely and globally important work on the topic is. It is expected that workshop will attract students from different universities and diverse experience of post war contexts and that it will result in a network of young people contributing to peace implementation and reconciliation process in the world through systematic integration of cultural heritage. 

Representatives of IUS had several important meetings, including those with dr. Stefano de Caro, director general of ICCROM, Marc Leanen, former director general of ICCROM, dr. Mounir Bouchenaki director general of the UNESCO Arab Regional Center for World Heritage in Bahrein, and Paolo del Bianco, President of the RDB Foundation. The mission of IUS team to present the capacities of our University and Sarajevo as a possible center for future scientific debates and as a generator of ideas concerning the post-war projects was warmly welcomed with a promising enthusiasm and support of all representatives of the international organizations.