IUS received 100,000 BAM worth research grant

IUS Genetics and Bioengineering Program of the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences (FENS) received at the beginning of 2016, a grant worth 100,000 BAM for realization of a scientific research project. Molecular Biomedicine Group led by Assist. Prof. Dr. Mirza Suljagić will work 3 years on the project titled "Multi-targeting Survival Pathways in Human Leukemic Cells by Combinatorial Therapy with Metformin and Thymoquinone". Approved financial are also  intended for materials needed for the project, as well as participation in international conferences and the publication of results.

Based on the report of the Committee for evaluation of projects, this project received support among 140 registered research projects from universities around the world, which is a great success for the IUS. The funds are allocated by the Department for Research grants at the International Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB). ICGEB is an intergovernmental organization established within the United Nations as well as centers of excellence for research and training in molecular biology with a focus on solving a number of problems related to health, nutrition, agriculture and industrial development. The International Center has 61 member countries.

In addition to cooperation in research programs, ICGEB allows transfer of knowledge and technology through international scientific networks in the field of genetic engineering and biotechnology, and works to promote young scientists and researchers. ''This grant represents a great honor for me, my team of young Molecular Biomedicine researchers and IUS as well. I'm really proud that the Committee for evaluation, which consists of eminent international experts, recognized the quality of this project. This is truly a reward for the efforts we have made in creating it.'' - said Assist. Prof. Dr. Mirza Suljagić. Molecular Biomedicine group consists of final year students - graduates of Genetics and Bioengineering Program at the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences (FENS).