IUS reached an agreement on cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce of FBiH

On Friday, October 17th, 2014, a meeting was held in the in the Rectorate of IUS, between the representatives of the International University of Sarajevo and the Chamber of Commerce of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (PKFBiH).

At the meeting, the University and the (PKFBiH) reached an agreement about future mutual cooperation in the field of employment and lifelong learning project. This refers primarily to the inclusion of the local community of the unemployed people who are registered at employment offices. This project involves the provision of support to people through a process of additional education. In this way, the International University of Sarajevo decided to put their resources and professional training services available all in order to help unemployed people.

'I'm really proud of the fact that through joint efforts, our institutions can provide the necessary support and educate those who are looking for employment in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Hereby I would like to sincerely thank (PKFBiH) for inviting us to participate in this important project '- stressed IUS Rector, Prof. Dr. Yücel Oğurlu.

On behalf of the (PKFBiH), the meeting was attended by Emir Pašić, Assistant to President, Aida Kalajdžisalihović, expert assistant at the Center for Entrepreneurship and Šemsa Alimanović - advisor. The meeting was attended by IUS Rector, Prof. Dr. Yücel Oğurlu, Director of English Language School (ELS), Hilal Karić, Coordinator of IUS Leadership and entrepreneurship center (LEC), Assist. Prof. Dr. Senad Bušatlić, Head of the Centre for Research and Development, Senior Assist. Faruk Berat Akçeşme and Armin Kerić, Deputy Secretary General.