IUS Purchased Cinema 4D Software for VACD

IUS Purchased Cinema 4D Software for VACD

International University of Sarajevo has aimed to improve its educational facilities in academic year 2017-18. An example of these efforts is also the recent purchase of Cinema 4D software which will be used by students of Visual Arts and Visual Communications Design.

Maxon’s Cinema 4D is in the category of software used in arts, based on explicit modeling. It is great for students, simple for learning, and enables them to quickly master the software and 3D design.

“We started the initiative to integrate Cinema 4D into our program in order to enable our students to get familiar with one more standard tool used in contemporary creative industries, in the areas of TV graphics, graphic design”, said Kenan Zekić, head of Departments of Arts.

For more information about Cinema 4D software, see the page: