IUS Professor at Hitotsubashi

IUS Professor at Hitotsubashi University

Economics professor from the Faculty of Business and Administration (FBA) Assist. Prof. Dr. Edita Đapo attended a summer school at Hitotsubashi University in Tokyo, where she did her research. Hitotsubashi University is a prestigious Japanese university that specializes in social sciences and is considered one of the best national universities that focus on the field of economics. Prof. Đapo is doing research in the field of economic policies that are currently implemented in Japan.

During her stay, Prof. Đapo also gave a lecture on "Economic development of Japan after World War II and post-war development of Bosnia and Herzegovina". She compared the two different concepts of economic development in order to obtain different information and learn from the Japanese experience as well as of application of certain policies not only in BiH but in other developing countries as well.