IUS press conference

Today, on December 25, 2012, a press conference of the International University of Sarajevo started at 2 pm, in the great conference hall of hotel Bristol.

The conference was organized to mark the end of this calendar year, but also hand scholarships to best students of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Rector of the International University of Sarajevo, Prof. Dr. Özer Çınar, welcomed distinguished guests and media representatives and introduced them to some information related to universities past achievements but also mentioned the project called "Scholarships for best students in Bosnia and Herzegovina". In this project IUS is giving scholarships to best students from 20 high schools, from 16 towns in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In the next year Prof. Çınar mentioned that the university promises to continue giving scholarships in the amount of 1.4 million KM, as addition to 600.000 KM we gave to 20 best high schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina today, while the total sum that will be spent for education of the young and talented BH students will be 2.000.000 KM

Rector, Çınar said "The promise remains to continue supporting the education of young and talented people". He also emphasized that in the past few years we have remained faithful to vision and mission of our University which aims to become an internationally approved institution of higher education and research, a center of excellence and quality through shared efforts of the founders, academic and administrative staff, students and all stakeholders.

Prof. Çınar also mentioned that IUS aims to become the bridge between the East and the West, a leading international institution of higher education and research, and a place where students will promote the lifelong learning project and be part of an intercultural community that creates future leaders of this country and the world.

The Rector handed plaques to high school directors at the end of his address. After the conference they stayed together at lunch.