IUS as a part of Care-Balkan conference

On September 6th, 2016 in the Panorama Hall of Hotel Hollywood the conference titled 'Social Entrepreneurship, Challenges and Opportunities' was held. In the organization of the association of economic empowerment of women in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Care Balkans.

Many participants of the conference had the opportunity to exchange ideas and make suggestions for the upcoming conferences. One of the conclusions is that every woman is an entrepreneur, and those who do not know it yet, needs to build capacity and provide new opportunities to work on tax exemptions platform for social associations, and more exchange of information. One of the speakers at the event was PR Manager of International University of Sarajevo, Meldina Ugarak, who was pleased to announce her upcoming projects that are to be implemented and urged by University.  

After her speech, all participants were delighted by the fact that only International University of Sarajevo had a representative at the conference, and that this is the only educational institution that opens its doors for the cooperation and support of various projects in order to preserve social values. We hope that the implementation of such projects will awake social consciousness and improve the community.

We are emphasizing the CARE is present in the Balkans since 1992. It was active in the programming of relations on the subject of the return of refugees and displaced persons, local economic development and good governance, civil society development, gender equality, violence prevention and combating human trafficking, Human and Minority Rights. Their mission is to serve individuals and families in the poorest communities in the world. Pulling strength from global diversity, resources and experience, they promote innovative solutions and advocates for global responsibility.