IUS Held Online Scholarship Testing

Aware of the situation we are in, but also respecting the recommendations for physical distance, IUS has adapted all its activities to online communication and work from home. Accordingly, the International University of Sarajevo has also held Online testing for scholarship on Friday, 17 April 2020. About 1000 high school graduates from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina were able to register for this test until April 15, 2020.

The test was not only a chance to win a scholarship but also an opportunity for students to demonstrate their knowledge and skills. The exam consisted of general knowledge and mathematics questions.

The test result may have a maximum value of 50% of the final scholarship awarded, while the remaining 50% will be awarded based on high school success and extra-curricular and student sports activities. Some students may be invited for an interview.

Under the new scholarship rule, scholarships are awarded for a period of 5 years. What is very important is that IUS has adjusted the study rates, which will apply from the next academic year.

The test results will be announced in due course and candidates will receive enrolment instructions. IUS, as always, plans to organize another testing for those who, for technical or other reasons, have not been able to access the first one, and hopefully take their chance.

The International University of Sarajevo thanks all graduates for their participation in testing, we want you to achieve the best results, receive favourable scholarships and become part of our IUS family.