IUS Graduates at International Universities Worldwide

It has been confirmed many times that IUS is a solid foundation for further academic development for our students. Many students continue in a similar international environment, to challenge themselves more in every aspect. We are proud to present two very successful former IUS students on their new academic journeys pursuing their master's degrees in prestigious European universities.

In their interview to the International Relations Office they said:

Ajnura Akbaş

I believe institutions like IUS are helping to modernize the education in BiH and to open it to the world.

Aynura earned her BA degree at IUS in Social and Political Science with a minor in International Relations. She is currently pursuing her Master of Research at the Department of History at Royal Holloway, University of London. The main topics she is focusing her research on are in the fields of religion, women’s movements and identity reconstruction in post-conflict societies. She underlines the importance and the quality of students in academia coming from Bosnia and Herzegovina in foreign countries but also highlights the UK educational system and its focus on networking opportunities - something that is lacking in the BiH educational system. In a couple of years, she plans to continue her research in BiH or elsewhere.

Semir Džebo

My passion for international politics led me to studies in International Relations.

Semir obtained his MA degree in International Relations from the Central European University in Budapest. Being led by his passion for international politics he decided to leave BiH to develop academically in the international environment at one of the best universities in Europe. Semir agrees that IUS had successfully prepared him for his graduate studies, from required readings and provided materials to some administrative tasks. He points out the similarities between Sarajevo and Budapest with regards to the shared history and fascinating pieces of architecture dating to the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Semir hopes to pursue his Ph.D. studies soon and continue his career in academia.

We wish our students all the best in their future careers!