IUS established Faculty of Law

IUS established Faculty of Law (FLW)

Each year International University of Sarajevo (IUS) attracts a large number of students from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey, countries from Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa. IUS has become an educational center for many young people who want to continue their higher education. Namely, due to a growing number of those who were interested to study law as a popular research area IUS decided to establish a new faculty that will offer education to future generation of lawyers. The Government of the Canton Sarajevo adopted at its ninth meeting session, held on Wednesday, June 11, 2015, the Report of the Expert Committee of the Ministry of Education, Science and Youth of Sarajevo Canton that provides expert opinion in connection with the Study on the establishment of the Faculty of Law (Faculty of Law - FLW). Faculty of Law (FLW) gives an opportunity to students to study at the undergraduate interdisciplinary studies with access to advanced learning, research and practice in the field of law. 

The main aim of the Faculty of Law (FLW) is to promote the science of law, with a strong emphasis on current and specific legal knowledge, which encompass theoretical, historical, comparative, sociological and economical basis of law, as well as different methods and understanding of the application of law. As part of the study program, in addition to compulsory subjects such as European, International, Constitutional, Civil, Criminal and others fields of Law, following subjects will be studied as well: Law of Financial Institutions, Law of Information Technologies, the European Court System, Institutions of the European Union and other areas of law. When it comes to job opportunities, our students will be able to work as lawyers, prosecutors, judges, diplomats, within the private and public companies, state and entity institutions, law and notary offices, as well as various agencies. 

For more information about studying at the Faculty of Law (FLW), please visit our website http://fl.ius.edu.ba